Winter 2022

HWEA will be the organization of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals
recognized for preserving and enhancing the water environment in the Pacific Island Region.

Growth, progress, prosperity. There’s no shortage of it in North Alabama, which has seen its population grow by 30,000 over the last five years and is projected to rise by a further 24,500 by 2027. Jobs are also on the up, having increased by almost 50,000 in the past five years – with a projected growth of 33,000 more jobs, also in the next five years.

By Jason V. Barger

It’s been quite foggy out the windshield for many teams and organizations lately. 

The last years have been blurry with a fast-moving and often divided world. We’ve experienced differing modes of communication, the expansion of remote workers, a global pandemic, issues of racism, social injustice and equity, political and economic uncertainty, all while continuing the pur-suit to maximize the experience, product, or service that you are delivering to the marketplace. The view of the road ahead has been quite foggy for many teams.

By Kate Zabriskie

Wake up, coffee, shower, office, meeting, call, meeting, call, work, work, call, store, gas, home, dinner, walk, work, bed, repeat. Busy, exhausted, and less satisfying than the last – If that describes your day, you may be dangerously close to big-time burnout. How did you end up in this seemingly endless cycle? More than likely a little at a time. In other words, the problem gradually evolved. We said “yes” when we shouldn’t have, we took on projects that added little value, we made choices that were pennywise and pound foolish, and the list goes on. 



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