About HWEA

The Hawai‘i Water Environment Association (HWEA), formally known as the Hawai‘i Water Pollution Control Association, is a non-profit organization which was founded on August 9, 1962. Members of the original Steering Committee which was organized on July 27, 1962, included Francis K. Aona, Clay H.W. Kiyabu, L. Stephen Lau, B.J. McMorrow, Franklin K.Y. Sunn, and Francis Woo.

The organization changed its name from the Hawai‘i Water Pollution Control Association to the present Hawai‘i Water Environment Association on October 12, 1994. Click here to find links to past information of the Hawai‘i Water Environment Association.

HWEA is a member association of the Water Environment Federation (WEF), which is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. WEF is an international not-for-profit educational and technical organization of more than 40,000 water quality experts. WEF’s mission is to preserve and enhance the global water environment.
The 400 members of HWEA include environmental and sanitary engineers, planners, wastewater treatment plant and collection system operators, chemists, microbiologists, ecologists, regulators, public health officials, scientists, researchers, educators, and concerned citizens.


Our Vision

HWEA will be the organization of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals recognized for preserving and enhancing the water environment in the Pacific Island Region.


Our Mission

The mission of HWEA shall be to:

  • Fill the professional needs of its members
  • Support WEF to achieve its vision and fulfill its mission
  • Work to enhance water quality and advance the profession
  • Share expertise and resources with the public and policy makers
  • Form working relationships with other organizations that support similar objectives


Not-For-Profit Status

HWEA is incorporated and registered with the State of Hawai‘i and the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt professional organization.



Contact Info

Hawai‘i Water Environment Association
PO Box 2422
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96804
General Inquiries: info@hwea.org