Net Zero Energy Workshop 2017


Welcome to the 2017 Hawaii Water Environment Association Workshop “Green Energy  in the Wastewater Industry: Moving to Net Zero Energy in Hawaii” Workshop

We were pleased to have several speakers from outside of Hawaii sharing their experiences with us. They include the operator of the Gresham WWTP (Oregon, USA), which has been net zero energy for two years, and the manager of the Marselisborg WWTP in Aarhus, Denmark that has been net zero for four years. We also have consulting engineers from California, Colorado, and Idaho who have worked on sustainable energy WWTP projects across the mainland USA, and in Hawaii.

Thank you to all the invited speakers for attending and sharing your experience, knowledge, and insights. And thank you to the companies that are allowing and supporting their employees to attend this workshop. We hope you enjoyed the excellent speakers and obtained useful and valuable information you can apply in your work. The speaker presentations will be posted below shortly.

Roger Babcock
HWEA Vice-President and HWEA Research Committee Co-Chair

Chad Morrow
Research Committee Co-Chair


1 Babcock – Welcome WEF Roadmap
2 Stanbro – Hawaii Green Energy Initiative
3 Homann – Net Zero Energy in Aarhus
4 Joyce – Community’s Largest Energy User Looks Toward Net Zero
5 Clark – Hawaii Net Zero Sustainable ROI
6 Hill – Journey to Net Zero at the Gresham WWTP
7 Nojima – Case Studies of Net Zero Facilities
8 Johnson – The Ultimate Combination of Sustainable Biosolids
9 Cole – Providing Value to the Electric Utility System
10 McDonald – Acheiving Financially Positive Energy Operations
11 Hutchinson – Energy Savings Projects at CCH ENV T&D
12 Eschborn – Applying WERF Research and Mainland Assessment to an Island

Homann – The Borderless Water Utility HWEA Luncheon 2017.08.09