2011 Conference – February 15-16, 2011

2011_02_15 Program Agenda-Final

2011_02_15 Program Agenda-Final

03_Robert Havrin_Centrifuge Thickening Activated Sludge

04_Kevin Crane_Operating Membranes in Solids Handling

07_Todd Grafenauer_Swagelining

08_Bob Dabkowski_Automatic Sludge Age Control

09_Carol Zuerndorfer_Wastewater Sampling at Sand Island

11_Craig Johnson_Aeration Air and Digestion Gas Metering

12_Ed Tschupp_Public-Private Partnerships at Lihue WWTP

13_Joel Sheinfeld_Save at the Pump with Air Valves

14_George Smith_Captivator Process for Secondary Tretament

15_Garrett Leong_Kailua WWTP Odor Control

17_Richard Hopkins_Polymer Blending and Activation

21_John Harrison_Mainland Site Visits

22_Kelvin Hurdle_Harmonic Mitigation for VFD

23_Justin Hobbs_Using Remote Monitoring to Optimize Operations

26_Rick Dey_Communications Master Plan for Field Samplers and Flowmeters

28_Thomas Vandenburg_Groundwater Protection What Works

30_David Nagamine_Future of Honolulus Sewer Charges

31_Rich Varalla_Flange Bolting Seminar

32_Brandy Nussbaum_Clarification Options Following MBBR Tretment

33_Jason Nikaido_Advantages of Hydraulic Modeling

34_Kimberly Mathis_Flat Plate MBR-Pukalani

35_Paul Ropic_Sensor-Based Control

36_Paul Mitchell_Self-Cleansing Tractive Force

37_Kimberly Mathis_Efficiently Managing Peak Flows MBR-Stormblox

41_Cody Charnas_Innovative Approach Design & Construction of UV Disinfection

44_Steve Stanish_Flexibility of Severn Trent DeepBed Filter

47_Ian Borrell_Benefits of Biogas Conditioning

49_Stephen Blanton_Stormwater Master Planning-Hydromodification

50_Nathan Antonneau_Integrated Activated Sludge and Biosolids Treatment

51_Peter Melnyk_Honouliuli WWTP-Anaerobic Digesters

52_Joy Gannon_Tools and Resources for Small Systems

54_Chandler Johnson_Grand Hyatt Kauai WWTP

55_Jim Farmerie_Dissolved Air Flotation for Lagoon

56_Greg Chung_Energy and GHG Master Planning