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2015 Conference Presentations

Pre-Conference Presentations

ASCE Hawaii Section YM
Engineering Designs that Cause Operational Challenges
Part 1-Control System Replacement
Part 2 Electrical Maintenance Digital Communications
Preventative Pipeline Maintenance
Process Analytical Instrumentation in Water Treatment Plants The Basics
Selection of Stainless Steels for Piping and Equipment in_Water_Treatment_Facilities
Time Management
Transition from Student to Engineering Professional
Waterline Design
Young Professionals Hawaii’s Future Leaders
Basic Hydraulics
Board Basics
CUPSS and Us Getting Started in Asset Management Using CUPSS
Components of Water Systems

Conference Day 1 Presentations

Meeting Maximum Extent Practicable with Minimum Resources Available
Nutrients and Toxics Compliance Strategies for Marine Waters in Hawaii
Operation and Maintenance Strategies for New Lift Stations
Operator of the Future
Out of Sight Out of Mind Who Says Air Valves Don’t Need Maintenance
Planning Support Services for San Francisco’s Auxiliary Water Supply System
Reducing Collection System Infiltration Through Lateral Lining
Relative Performance of Grit Removal Systems
State of the BWS Challenges and Opportunities
Utility of the Future When Do We Get There
Wastewater Design Standards
City Storm Water Management Program
Considerations for R1 Water Use Lessons Learned from the Field
Core Messages for Priority Contaminants of Emerging Concern
Corrosion of Stainless Steels in Wastewater Applications
Design and Construction of the Pearl City Peninsula to Ford Island Waterline Crossing Project
ENV CSM Wastewater Pump Stations
Expanding Value in Alternative Delivery
From the Flintstones to the Jetsons WWTP Improvements and Beyond in Dundee OR
Guidelines for Selecting an Effective Control Treatment Strategy when Changing Water Supply Sources or Modifying Treatment Portfolios
Hawaii Water Conservation Plan Update of Implementation Activities
Holy Moly Is that a Pipe or Swiss Cheese
Identifying the Best Potable Reuse Treatment Approach with the Triple Bottom Line in Mind

Conference Day 2 Presentations

Sewer Cleaning 101 Water Systems Nozzle Selection
Sources of Groundwater Nitrate in a Highly Permeable Aquifer Tutuila Island American Samoa
The Demon Process Resource Savings Through Side Stream Treatment and Steps Toward Energy Neutral WWTP
The Solution to Soaked Sludge Solids Thickening in the Pacific NW
The University of Hawaii Sustainable Institute of Maui Water Wastewater Operators Training Program
Understanding Our Kuleana Working within Culturally Sensitive Areas and the Importance of Initiating the Consultation Process with Native Hawaiian Organizations
Update of the Hawaii Water Resource Protection Plan
What is the Value of Reducing Water Use by 1000 Gallons per Month
Wireless SCADA Operation in a Water Treatment Plant
Choosing the Right Chlorine Analyzer for Your Application DPD Versus Amperometric
Developing an Effective Cross-Connection Control Program
Evaluation of Six GACs for 1,2,3 Trichloropropane Removal Using Rapid Small Scale Column Tests
Selected Sustainability Facts and Figures
Small Systems Roundtable
A Success Story of Recycled Water Use From a Growers Perspective
Activated Sludge Process Control What’s Important and How It’s Easily Implemented
Active Construction Management
Certified Construction Manager
Chemical Optimization Study at Northern District WWTP
Continuing Evolution of BWS Water System Operations
Cut Costs Not Roots Eliminating SSOs with Chemical Root Control
Effective Customer Communication
Evolving Your Suspended Growth System for Growth
Getting Comfortable Outside of the Communications Comfort Zone Communication Skills for Engineers and Techies
GWA Wastewater Collection System Maintenance
Hawaii Freshwater Initiative
Improving Water Quality in Mandalay Myanmar
Many Changes at Kealakehe WWTP
Merging Isotropic Chemistry with Numerical Modeling to Investigate Groundwater Flow Paths
Pipeline Condition Assessment
Reservoir Condition Assessment

Small Water System Operator Training – AWWA

Module 1 – Final AWWA Workshop
Module 2 – Final AWWA Workshop
Module 3 – Final AWWA Workshop

Module 4 – Final AWWA Workshop
Module 5 -Final AWWA Workshop
Module 6 – Final AWWA Workshop
Module 7 – Final AWWA Workshop
Module 8 – Final AWWA Workshop
Module 9 – Final AWWA Workshop
Module 10 – Final AWWA Workshop