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2011 Collection System Workshop Presentations


December 1, 2011

AM Session 1 – EPA SSO Update

AM Session 2 – Honolulu Flow Monitoring Program

AM Session 3 – Wastewater Flow Measurement

AM Session 4 – Honolulu Sewer Maintenance Program

AM Session 5 – SSO Reduction Sewer Cleaning Program

AM Session 6 – Inspection & Hydraulic Assessment – Force Main

PM Session 1 – NASSCO PACP

PM Session 2 – Design Build Sliplining

PM Session 3 – Honolulu Collection System Activities

PM Session 4 – Managing H2S

PM Session 5 – Maui Collection System

2009 Collection System Workshop Presentations

November 13, 2009

Session 1 – Hawaii Pacific University Halekou Lift Station and Force Main Project: A Project Case Study Involving HDD and Fusible PVC

Session 2 – Ala Moana Shopping Center Project: Case Study Involving Micro-tunneling Using Vitrified Clay Jacking Pipe

Session 3 – Use of Rib Loc on the Wilhelmina Rise Project

Session 4 – Get Your Pump Station on SCADA Within 21 Days or Less!

Session 5 – Waipio Wastewater Pump Station Case Study

Session 6 – Engineering Decisions That Cause Operational Challenges to Collections System Maintenance

Session 7 – Recent Changes To CSM’s Most Powerful Tool

Session 8 – City and County of Honolulu Large Diameter Pipe Condition Assessment

Session 9 – Going SOLO and Other Non-Traditional Inspection Methods

Session 10 – City and County of Honolulu Infiltration/Inflow (I/I) Program Update

Session 11 – Private Property Virtual Library: Sharing Information Across Our Borders

Session 12A – Kaua’i County’s Wastewater Collection Systems

Session 12B – An Overview of Wastewater Collectoin Systems in Maui County

Session 12C – Big Island’s Wastewater Collection System

Session 12D – Aqua Engineers Collection Systems Statewide