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2016 HWEA Scholarship Program


To provide financial assistance to HWEA members and their dependents seeking higher education, and to encourage academic excellence.

1. Any dues-paying member of HWEA (including PWO) or member’s dependent (claimed as a dependent on the member’s most recent income tax return) since July 31, 2015.
2. Must be at least a freshman in the Fall 2016 semester at a college or university, enrolled
full-time in a bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree program.
3. Curriculum of study (or major) to include engineering, public health, or natural sciences
(e.g. biology, chemistry, geology, microbiology, oceanography, physics, etc.), as related to
the protection and enhancement of the water environment and associated public health.
4. Previous HWEA scholarship awardees are not eligible.

Up to two $2,000 awards may be made each year. Awardee(s) will be invited to the HWEA
Conference awards luncheon at no charge.

In order to be considered, applicants must submit the proper application form (both pages), provide an official transcript of grades for the most recent academic year and submit a letter of application, including the following application form and the items listed in Item 6. of the application form.

The number of awards to be made and the selection of the awardee(s) will be determined by the HWEA Executive Committee. Consideration will be given to applicants who are dedicated to their fields and have set goals for themselves which are consistent with the advancement of the objectives of WEF and HWEA.

 Applications must be submitted (or postmarked) no later than December 30, 2015.
 Awards will be announced at the HWEA Conference on February 2016. (date subject to change)
 Awards will be available for Fall 2016 (for Spring 2015, if already enrolled at a
college/university) and will be presented to the recipient upon proof of registration.
MINDY YONESHIGE (Phone: 768-8197, Email:



Missouri WEFMAX Report

Summary of Events & Takeaways

by: Lance Manabe

WEFMAX 2015 – Kansas City, Missouri was a great opportunity to hear from the following member associations:

Ohio WEA                            Pennsylvania WEA          Georgia AWP

Nebraska WEA                  North Carolina WEA       Indiana WEA

Rocky Mountain WEA    Kansas WEA                       Iowa WEA

Chesapeake WEA             Illinois WEA                       New England

Arkansas WEA                  Missouri WEA                    South Dakota



There were many great sessions, the following are summaries of the points I took away from this WEFMAX.


Ohio WEA’s Presentation on MA Financial Stability included some interesting concepts:

Executive Committee consists of the following positions:

President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Senior Delegate, Junior Delegate and Past President.  Making their board eight (8) members.

Sponsor Program

They changed from an event based solicitation to an annual sponsor program campaign in 2012.  Companies received award points based on sponsor level.  Eight (8) levels from $7,500 to $250.  Example a company that donates $7,500 would receive 60 points that could be used on the following:



Chesapeake WEA’s Presentation on Membership & Retention included interesting points:

Understanding you MA’s Profile


Chesapeake’s focus was on:

  • Increase Membership Retention
  • Develop New MA Website
  • Create New MA Logo (More Contemporary, relevant, eye catching

(Note:  WEF helped Chesapeake with the Logo Redesign with their graphics team which is also available to us)

  • Involvement from YP and Student Activities Committees to Provide valuable experiences for younger members. Membership value to their careers.



Illinois WEA’s Presentation on Retaining Student Chapters included interesting points:

  • Strong Committee (5-10 individuals for 3 universities)
  • Strong School Contacts



  • Programming includes Plant Tours, Evening with Industry, Meeting with CEO’s of companies, round table discussions and scholarships.




North Carolina AWWA-WEA’s approach to Leadership – Selecting, Shaping, Sustaining.

  • Revised organization structure


  • How Leadership Skills are Identified
    • No “entitlement” to lead – we seek the best match of capabilities to requirements of the task: Knowldege, Skills, Abilities, Experience.
  • Sustaining Leadership
    • Training – top to bottom
    • Access to current information – inside and out
    • Skill Development
    • Recognition

Pennsylvania WEA’s Presentation focus was on Leadership Development – Questions and How to’s.

  • Succession/Leadership Planning – a process for identifying and developing persons with the potential to fill key leadership positions within an organization.
  • Does your MA have “Ready Now” candidates to replace key leaders?
  • Without a solid plan, the future continuity and performance of you MA is at risk.
  • What is you MA’s current leadership plan?
  • PWEA leaders and Section leaders meet at Annual Joint Summit Meeting to identify and promote leadership development (mini WEFMAX)
  • PWEA has a detailed written list of requirements and responsibilities of leadership positions.
  • PWEA holds yearly Executive Officer orientation/transition meeting at annual conference.

HWEA 5-S Chapter

Membership in the HWEA Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers (also known as the “5-S Chapter”) is bestowed on individuals in recognition of outstanding service to the association or to WEF.  The original chapter was established in 1940 by theArizona Water and Pollution Control Association.  The idea was conceived by A.W. “Dusty” Miller and F. Carlyle Roberts, Jr. to recognize the fact that many members do not receive the coveted Bedell Award or become Association President, but nevertheless contribute in some outstanding measure to the affairs and success of an Association.

You CANNOT join the Society – you must be “selected” – on the basis of merit.  The HWEA Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers is one of many 5-S chapters established in member associations across the country, Canada, and Europe.  5-S members can be identified by a lapel pin of a golden shovel (pictured above) which must be worn by all members at official HWEA events.

The HWEA 5-S Chapter was established in 1982.  There are six basic criteria for qualification to membership in the HWEA 5-S Chapter:

  • Service to HWEA as President;
  • Service to HWEA as Annual Conference Chair;
  • Service to HWEA as National Director;
  • Recipient of either the William D. Hatfield or Arthur Sidney Bedell Award;
  • A “founding father” of HWEA; or
  • Outstanding contribution to HWEA or WEF

Click on the thumbnail on the left to see a larger image of the 2006 inductees into the HWEA 5-S Society.  All members of the HWEA Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers are listed below in chronological order.  Members with an asterisk (*) next to their name are former Presidents of HWEA.




1 William A. Bonnet * 1982
2 Michael J. Chun * 1982
3 Gordon L. Dugan * 1982
4 Christopher G. Hong * 1982
5 Maurice K. Kaya * 1982
6 Wally Miyahira 1982
7 Frank G. Stone, Jr. * 1982
8 Albert M. Tsuji * 1982
9 Vernon K. Yamamoto * 1982
10 Spencer Yim 1982
11 Reginald H.F. Young * 1982
12 Lawrence K. Agena * 1983
13 Clay Harrison 1983
14 Kenneth T. Ishizaki * 1983
15 James S. Kumagai * 1983
16 L. Steven Lau 1983
17 B.J. McMorrow* 1983
18 Martin McMorrow* 1983
19 Charles Saiki 1983
20 Ben Taguchi * 1983
21 Albert Q.Y. Tom * 1983
22 Robert Barletta 1984
23 Brian Gray 1984
24 Victor D. Moreland * 1984
25 David R. Yogi, Jr. * 1984
26 David B. Bills* 1986
27 Joe Hanna 1987
28 Lee A. Mansfield * 1987
29 Clement K. Souza * 1987
30 Horace Batezel * 1988
31 Dennis Tulang * 1988
32 Roger S. Fujioka * 1989
33 Ivan K. Nakatsuka * 1989
34 Robert Purdie, Jr. 1990
35 Jeff Howard 1991
36 Roy Abe * 1992
37 James K. Honke * 1992
38 Nick Musico 1993
39 Andrew L. Amuro 1994
40 Michael M. Miyahira 1994
41 Myron H. Nomura * 1994
42 Audrey Yokota 1994
43 Steven Y.K. Chang * 1995
44 Vijay Kumar 1995
45 Russell Okita 1995
46 Westley Chun 1996
47 Edith Eldeen 1996
48 June Nakamura 1996
49 Tina Marie C.D. Ono * 1996
50 Allen Perry 1996
51 Ian Kagimoto * 1997
52 Debra L. Leigh 1997
53 Lance Manabe * 1997
54 Peter Ono * 1997
55 Suzette Hokama 1998
56 Guy Moriguchi 1998
57 Linda Uchima 1998
58 Dina Ueoka Lau 1998
59 Walter Billingsley 1999
60 Leighton Lum * 1999
61 Pamela R. Tsugawa 1999
62 Lori Kajiwara * 2000
63 Kevin Nakamura 2000
64 Audrey Uyema Pak 2000
65 Leanne Watanabe 2001
66 Greg Chung 2001
67 Steve Parabicoli * 2002
68 Dwight Nakao 2002
69 John Katahira 2002
70 Tina Nakasone * 2003
71 Lisa Kimura 2003
72 Ian Arakaki 2003
73 Eassie Miller 2003
74 Anna Lee 2004
75 Paulette Chang 2004
76 Jon Kawamura 2004
77 Kristie Ching * 2005
78 Jay Stone 2005
79 Travis Hylton 2005
80 Greg Arakaki 2006
81 Dan Clark 2006
82 Wynn Miyamoto 2008
83 Dawn Barsana 2008
84 Shannon Holman 2009
85 Scott McAdam 2009
86 Lori Kahikina-Moniz 2010
87 Mark Goodrowe 2010
88 Lori Nishida 2011

(1) * – Denotes Past President
(2) List Current as of March 2007

Welcome to the Updated Website!

To the Members and Friends of the Hawaii Water Environment Association:

I am so happy to be able to introduce our new website! It has been a long road of planning, surveys, reviews, meetings, iterations of changes and emails, and we finally have a great product to show for it. In a world where technology has become an integrated part of our lives, the need for change in how the Hawaii Water Environment Association communicates with our members was necessary. All of the information from the former site is still available, along with additional pages for each committee, events, and up-to-date information about the occurrences within our association. Between the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, the Lua Line newsletter was created and distributed. We wanted to keep the tradition, but morph it into an easy-to-use and read article-based website.

First and foremost I would like to thank Leland Lee, Mark Goodrowe and all of the other members who have put in so much time and effort into the old webpage. Your contributions over the years have helped in collecting old memories and files.

old webpage


The purpose of rebranding is to invigorate, update and refresh how the public and our members see the association. With the environment coming to the forefront of the public’s thoughts and attitudes, it is a great time to get our name out there. With the hopes to outreach publicly more, rebranding will be one of the most important first leaps. To justify the revamp of our website, we needed a clear vision and statement of who we are. Two years ago HWEA revised the Strategic Plan and Vision Statement to update our vision and mission as professionals committed to preserving and enhancing our water environment, essential to the Pacific Island Region by providing industry leadership, engage all water professionals, promote innovation, and support clean and sage water for our communities.

A survey was sent out to the membership, and the website was a high priority for change. In changing the website, the logo is a part of that for coherency. We wanted to appeal to a broader audience including those in the entire Pacific region, as well as water/wastewater professionals and the public. After many years of the same logo, updating will keep our association relevant, focusing on transference of information through digital media and hopefully bring old and new membership together.


In the survey distributed about a year ago our members told us that above all, a calendar of events, updated information and training materials would be most important. We have incorporated many of these features, and in the next few months we hope to fill in the gaps.


Another piece missing was a newsletter. In the survey a large majority believed that a HWEA newsletter would be of value. We hope to accomplish this through published articles under the MEDIA section at the top of the website.

About a year later and with lots of help, we now have a user-friendly website to update, maintain and hopefully help increase involvement.


I would like to thank our rebranding and communications committees including: Jack Tano, Jason Nakata, Carly Kaneko, Carol Zuerndorfer and a special thank you to Audrey Haerle, without their help this website would not have been possible. Also, much appreciation to Seabelo Silitshena with [100 Innovations] for the website design and dealing with a bunch of busy volunteers!

It is an honor and privilege to work with HWEA, WEF, and the members of both. As the 2015-2016 President I hope to implement a new program to help Operators and to establish a precedent for this website and its maintenance. Please let me know if you would like to be involved or have any questions or comments about the Hawaii Water Environment Association.

Emily Dong, P.E.
Hawaii Water Environment Association – 2015-2016 President


WEF Membership Equips Professionals With Tools To Protect Water

Membership in the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) carries many benefits and exclusive perks. Because members help protect and enhance water quality, WEF strives to provide them with access to the knowledge and tools needed for sustainable water resource management, water protection, and water and wastewater treatment.

Benefits include discounts on WEF’s many educational events and various educational products and services, access to technical publications and regulatory updates, unique networking and career-building opportunities, and the ability to join WEF committees and receive WEF awards.

To help members stay updated on advances, trends, and solutions, WEF provides access to such publications as Water Environment & Technology and the WEF Conference Proceedings.

To help facilitate continual learning and help members earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Professional Development Hours (PDHs), or contact hours, WEF offers discounts to WEFTECand other conferences, seminars, and workshops. WEF also offers discounts on books and manuals of practice, as well as online courses in the WEF Knowledge Center.

To enhance networking and professional relationships, WEF provides many opportunities to join discussions with other water-sector professionals through such venues as WEFCOM (the WEF member online workspace) and WEF’s LinkedIn page. WEF members also can build leadership skills through participating in WEF committees. Committees develop and discuss ideas and actions in many fields pertaining to water resources, wastewater, and water quality.

To help advance careers, WEF provides members with the opportunity to nominate or to be nominated for awards. A number ofWEF awards, recognizing outstanding contribution to the water environment profession, require nominees to be members. WEF also provides access to the WEF Job Bank.

Because WEF realizes that membership needs vary from one individual or group to the next, it offers a number of different membership categories. Primary membership categories includeProfessional, Professional Wastewater Operator, Young Professional, and Student. WEF’s Utility Partnership Programenables utilities to consolidate all employee members into a single account and choose the appropriate value packages based on employees’ needs. WEF also offers other opportunities for corporate members and international members.

For more information on WEF membership or how to join today, contact Jessica LaFever at or (703) 684-2400 ext. 7052.