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2015 Biosolids and Stormwater [Photo Gallery]



Biosolids & Stormwater Workshop Presentations

Here at the Hawaii Water Environment Association, we want to give a huge thank you to all of the presenters at the Biosolids and Stormwater Workshop at the Japanese Cultural Center. The event was such a success because of the great men who helped organize the event, Jay Stone, Greg Arakaki & Brad Takenaka. Please see the below links for the presentations:



Lauren Roth Venu, Roth Ecological Design Intl.
– From Grey to Green Infrastructure

Rob Anderson, RJR Engineering & EnviroCert International
– An Overview of Trends in Stormwater and Stormwater Industry

Bob Bourke, Oceanit
– Wetlands for Control of Stormwater Runoff Pollutants

Norm Schofield, Hawaiian Dredging and Construction Company
– SWPPP Sotrm Water Pollution Prevention Plan

Randall Wakumoto, City and County of Honolulu
– Update on the City’s NPDES MS4 Permit Program

Darryl Lum, State DOT
– Protecting State Waters: The NPDES MS4 Program

Randal Leong, State DOT
– HDOT – Harbors Storm Water Program

Dawn Easterday & Jay Stone, Belt Collins Hawaii LLC
– Low Impact Development Integrated Management Practices

Ross W. Dunning, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Floating Plants & Boxes of Dirt, The Future of Stormwater Treatment



Libby Stoddard, DOH
State of the State’s Sludge

Barry Ayers, City of San Diego
17 Years of Operating the Metro Biosolids Center

Jordan Fahmie, AECOM
Honolulu’s Biosolids Master Plan

Steve Wirtel, Ostara
Beneficial Reclamation of Struvite

Mike Joyce, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Compressed Natural Gas as an Alternative to Cogeneration

Lori Kahikina
H-Power Sludge Disposal System

Mike Elhoff and Mack MacPherson
Comparison of Dewatering Technologies 

Jerry Szofer
Solids Pumping Alternatives