Biosolids & Storm Water Workshop

2017 Biosolids & Storm Water Workshop

On May 26, 2017, HWEA’s Biosolids/Co-Generation and Storm Water Quality Committees hosted the second HWEA Biosolids/Storm Water Workshop at the Manoa Grand Ballroom. The workshop was attended by 99 registrants, 10 exhibitors, and 23 speakers.

Biosolids Track

The Biosolids session started off with an overview of opportunities for renewable energy including biogas and struvite recovery by Jeremy Holland of HDR.  Mike Barnes of Kennedy/Jenks Consultants then discussed the various mixing options available for anaerobic digesters.  Luke Werner of Kennedy/Jenks Consultants discussed considerations for covering anaerobic digesters, including things to look for when retrofitting them.  Paul Christy with Cambi presented on thermal hydrolysis and potential benefits to applications here in Hawaii.  Eric Wanstrom with Schwing Bioset discussed their model for recovering struvite from the digestion process.  Gavi Subramanian with Kennedy/Jenks Consultants discussed her research on digester foaming.  Craig Johnson of Clipper Controls presented a new method for measuring biogas flow rate.  And Mel Carmichael of Synagro wrapped up the workshop by discussing Sand Island’s biosolids production and distribution.

Storm Water Track

The Storm Water Track was a huge success as attendees packed the room eager to listen on the latest storm water developments. The track was divided into three categories; 1) Industrial, 2) Municipal, and 3) Construction with an overview of storm water from a national perspective, trends, and market-based approaches. Seth Brown, principal and founder of Storm and Stream Solutions, LLC in Virginia, was the keynote speaker as he presented on the overview of storm water from a national perspective, MS4 Program Evolution, and the Chesapeake Bay Overview.

A big mahalo goes out to:

  • Manoa Grand Ballroom which served as the venue for the event
  • Mel Carmichael (Synagro) and Craig Johnson (Clipper Controls) who stepped up as emergency speakers on the Biosolids side
  • Out of town speakers; Mark Ambler (Weston Solutions), Ross Dunning (Kennedy Jenks/Consultants), and Seth Brown (Storm and Stream Solutions, LLC)
  • Robin Matsunaga (Belt Collins) who stepped up as an emergency speaker on the Storm Water side


Copies of presentations are available below:

Biosolids Presentations:

Jeremy Holland – Municipal Infrastructure and Renewable Energy
Mike Barnes – Digester Mixing
Luke Werner – Digester Cover Alternatives
Paul Christy – Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis
Eric Wanstrom – Struvite Recovery
Gavi Subramanian – Causes Prevention and Control of Foam in Anaerobic Digesters
Craig Johnson – Biogas Flow Metering
Mel Carmichael – Sand Island Biosolids Production and Distribution

Storm Water Presentations:

Seth Brown – National Views, Trends, And Market-Based Approaches
Bobbie Teixeira – NPDES Industrial Compliance
Ross Dunning – Dirt and Rust: The Storm Water Treatment Solution
Joseph Shacat – Permitee’s Perspective for Industrial Permit Compliance in Hawaii
Clara Leik – Trash Baseline Study for the CCH SWMPP
Pamela Uyeda – CCH SWMPP: TMDL Monitoring Program
Spencer Yim/Steve Dale – HDOT Harbors, Asset Management
Joe Weidenbach – Post Construction BMPs
Seth Brown – MS4 Program Evolution and Chesapeake Bay Overview
Norm Scofield – SWPPP Development
Bobbie Teixeira/Stefanie Weaver – DOH Construction Stormwater Enforcement
Jennifer Little/Jason Locklin – 3rd Party Stormwater Inspection Program using CloudCompli
Robin Matsunaga – Storm Water BMP Retrofit for the CCH SWMPP
LID & Construction BMPs Slideshow



2015 Biosolids & Water Quality Workshop

The Hawaii Water Environment Association hosted an inaugural worshop on May 28, 2015 at the Manoa Grand Ballroom at the Japanese Cultural Center. This workshop featured two important topics to Hawaii’s future in becoming a sustainable environment: Biosolids and Stormwater.

With respect to Biosolids, this technology is not at the forefront of waste management and we hope that this conference will shed some light as to what biosolids can offer. There will be speakers presenting on Oahu’s current masterplan for implementing biosolids and various biosolids technologies. There will also be speakers from the mainland to share their experiences and offer a different perspective on biosolids.

Stormwater principles are frequently changing and the speakers at this workshop will discuss the latest trends and technologies. Along with changing principles, the regulatory requirements are also constantly being modified and so a forum of city and state agencies have been assembled to discuss their Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Programs and be available for questions the audience may have.

Biosolids Track
Libby Stoddard, DOH – State of the State’s Sludge
Barry Ayers, City of San Diego – 17 Years of Operating the Metro Biosolids Center
Jordan Fahmie, AECOM – Honolulu’s Biosolids Master Plan
Steve Wirtel, Ostara – Beneficial Reclamation of Struvite
Mike Joyce, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants – Compressed Natural Gas as an Alternative to Cogeneration
Rapid Rise Phenomena
Comparison of Dewatering Technologies
Solids Pumping Alternatives

Stormwater Track
Robert Anderson, RJR Engineering—Stormwater Trends
Dawn Easterday and Jay Stone, Belt Collins Hawaii LLC— LID Techniques
Norm Scofield, Hawaiian Dredging and Construction Company—SWPPP Preparation NPDES Permit Compliance
Robert Bourke, Oceanit—Wetland Restoration
Ross Dunning, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants—Floating Treating Wetland
Randal Leong, State DOT, Harbors Division; Kelly Sato, State DOT, Highways Division; Darryl Lum, State DOH, Clean Water Branch; Randall Wakumoto, City and County of Honolulu, ENV Division—MS4 Forum
Lauren Roth Venu, Roth Ecological Design Int. LLC ‐ From gray to green (stormwater) infrastructure


2015 Biosolids and Stormwater [Photo Gallery]

2015 Biosolids and Stormwater [Photo Gallery]


Biosolids & Stormwater Workshop Presentations

Biosolids & Stormwater Workshop Presentations

Here at the Hawaii Water Environment Association, we want to give a huge thank you to all of the presenters at the Biosolids and Stormwater Workshop at the Japanese Cultural Center. The event was such a success because of the great men who helped organize the event, Jay Stone, Greg Arakaki & Brad Takenaka. Please see the … Continue reading Biosolids & Stormwater Workshop Presentations