Government Affairs

The HWEA Government Affairs Committee is your resource and liaison for legislative and regulatory issues. We keep track of legislation and regulations as they develop. We help the Executive Committee of the HWEA if they wish to testify on behalf of our membership. The Government Affairs Committee can also help HWEA contact our legislators if there are any bills that we wish to propose.

There are various professional engineering organizations that also monitor legislation. HWEA is unique, since it is the only professional organization that specifically tracks wastewater, water reclamation, storm water, and receiving water issues. We represent our entire membership: plant operators, researchers, regulatory organizations, and consultants.
If you have any questions or comments on:

What regulations would apply to your particular situation;
What new rules or statutes are currently under development; or
“There ought to be a law!”

The members of the Government Affairs Committee look forward you to helping you with legislative and regulatory issues. Please contact us by sending us an e-mail or calling us directly at the phone numbers listed.


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