The Conference Committee plans the annual HWEA conference, including development of a program, exhibition and all meeting arrangements. The Association is willing to send the Conference Committee Co-Chairs to the WEFTEC Conference to gain experience, solicit speakers, and develop new ideas for our local conference.

The Conference Committee Co-Chairs are responsible for reserving the location and time of the following year’s conference. A final report and accounting is prepared and submitted to the Board of Directors for review following each conference. All conference records are turned over to the in-coming committee chairs.

The HWEA Federation Director is responsible for notifying the WEF representative of the conference details (i.e. if/when they will speak, etc.), and coordinating this information with the conference chair.

The City & County of Honolulu Department of Environmental Services (formerly Department of Wastewater Management) Director has normally been asked in the past to be the Honorary Chair of the conference. As the design and construction of all City wastewater facilities now falls under the Department of Design and Construction (DDC), the DDC Director may also be the honorary chair on alternating years.

The Membership Chair shall support the conference committee to assist in verifying membership status, manning the recruiting booth and distributing materials.

The PWO Member Representative shall serve on the conference committee to coordinate the local Operations Challenge.

Conference Committee members must register for their attendance at the Conference. The registration fee for the committee members may vary at the discretion of the conference chairs. However, the intent is to have each member pay the full registration if possible. Only two (2) PWO Operating Personnel from each County shall be subsidized to attend the Conference (registration fee and airfare), a total of eight (8) PWO Members: two (2) each from Maui, Kauai, Oahu and Hawaii.

The Conference Co-Chairs should inform the President of their meeting dates for his/her attendance.

An appreciation lunch or dinner is normally held for the members of the conference committee a few weeks after the completion of the annual conference.