Collection Systems

The Collection Systems Committee was created in 1999. The mission statement of the committee is:
“To protect public health and the environment by promoting the safe and efficient collection and transport of wastewater.”

The objectives of the committee include but are not limited to:

  • Provide a link with the national (WEF) Collection Systems Committee to exchange information.
  • Provide a forum to review, discuss and address local and national issues involving wastewater collection systems, including technological advancements, and regulatory policies.
  • Encourage participation of HWEA members who have interest in the broad range of collection systems topics such as:
  • – Collection system operations and maintenance
    – Planning and design
    – Construction and system rehabilitation

  • Provide a local source of information regarding the development of new technologies and methods in the field of collections systems.

The possible activities of the committee include but are not limited to:

  • Provide technical information on the design, operation and maintenance of collection system facilities.
  • Provide the latest information on collection systems issues and facilitate action on these issues.
  • Provide the community with technical and general support for collection systems issues.
  • Organize collection systems related conferences and training sessions.
  • Establish subcommittees to focus on specific topics involved with wastewater collections systems (such as Operations, Regulatory Policies, Planning Engineering, Construction Methods/Materials).
  • Maintain active contact with the WEF national Collection Systems Committee.
  • Host a Biennial Collection System Workshop on alternate (odd numbered) years of the Biennial Water Reuse Conference.