Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws

In 2006, the Past Officers Committee and the Constitution and Bylaws Committees were combined.  The committee shall serve as an advisory board to the HWEA Board and Directors. This committee shall consist of any of the past presidents/officers and need only convene when renewal of the Constitution and Bylaws is necessary or as requested by the Board of Directors.  The latest Past President to leave the Board shall serve as its chair.  The committee members can be formed at that time.

The committee considers and recommends language for changes in the Constitution and Bylaws in accordance with proposals referred to it by the members or Board.  The committee shall continually review the Constitution and Bylaws for consistency and clarity, and shall recommend any language changes to correct flaws.  It is the responsibility of this committee to coordinate with WEF on the approval of any Constitution and Bylaws amendment.

In addition to reviewing the Constitution and Bylaws, the objectives of the Board Advisory (Past Officers) Committee includes, but may not be limited to:

  • Review of HWEA policies.
  • Review of HWEA’s Strategic Plan.
  • Review of the Conference Committee surplus funds and to determine a maximum amount that should be carried over to the following year.
  • Propose ways to keep older members actively involved in HWEA activities.