HWEA Committees

There are fifteen HWEA committees in which you may participate and contribute your time in helping to preserve and enhance the local water environment. If you are interested in joining a specialty committee, please contact the respective chair or vice-chairperson listed below or any one of the HWEA officers.


The Biosolids/Co-Generation Committee is one of HWEA’s newest committees.  The committee was established in 2006 and its focus is on the beneficial reuse of biosolids and the potential for renewable energy associated with digester gas applications.
Greg Arakaki
Greg Arakaki , Biosolids/Co-Generation Co-Chair
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
3375 Koapaka Street, Suite F227
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96819
Phone: 1-808-488-0477, Fax: 1-808-488-3776
E-mail: biosolids@hwea.org

Melissa Carmichael, Biosolids/Co-Generation Co-Chair
1350 Sand Island Parkway
Honolulu, HI 96819
Phone: 1-808-847-0800
E-mail: biosolids@hwea.org


The Collection Systems Committee was established in 1999.  The mission statement of the committee is to protect public health and the environment by promoting the safe and efficient collection and transport of wastewater.  The committee provides a forum to review, discuss, and address local and national issues involving wastewater collections systems, including technological advancements, and regulatory policies.
Jon Nishimura
Jon Nishimura, Collection Systems Chair
Fukunaga and Associates, Inc.
1357 Kapi‘olani Boulevard, Suite 1530
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96814
Phone: 1-808-944-1821, Fax: 1-808-946-9339
E-mail: collection-systems@hwea.org
Tina Ono
Tina Ono, Collection Systems Vice-Chair
City & County of Honolulu
Department of Design and Construction
Wastewater Division
Project Control and Contract Management Section
650 South King Street, 14th Floor
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96813
Phone: 1-808-768-8766
E-mail: collection-systems@hwea.org


The Conference Committee is responsible for planning the annual HWEA conference, including the development of a technical program, exhibition, meeting arrangements, social events, donations, and other logistics.  The committee is chaired by two members who are assisted by other members who serve on various conference sub-committees which includes Publications, Program, Registration, Social Events, Exhibits, and Contributions.
emily dong

Emily Dong, 2017 Conference Co-Chair
Brown and Caldwell
Puna Kaneakua
Puna Kaneakua, 2017 Conference Co-Chair
1001 Bishop St
Honolulu, HI
Phone: (808)


The Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Committee considers and recommends language for changes in the Constitution and Bylaws in accordance with proposals referred to it by the members of HWEA or by the Board of Directors.  The committee continually reviews the Constitution and Bylaws for consistency and clarity, and recommends any language  changes to correct flaws.  The committee is also responsible for coordinating with WEF on the approval of any Constitution and Bylaws amendment.
Lee Mansfield
Lee Mansfield, Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chair
Hawai‘i-American Water Company
P.O. Box 25010
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96825
Phone: 1-808-394-1285, Fax: 1-808-395-5023
E-mail: constitution-bylaws@hwea.org
June Nakamura
June Nakamura, Board Advisory/Constitution & Bylaws Co-Chair
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
3375 Koapaka Street, Suite F227
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96819
Phone: 1-808-488-0477, Fax: 1-808-488-3776


The Government Affairs Committee, formally known as the Environmental Affairs Committee, reviews and analyzes existing and proposed legislation, regulations and policies in the environmental field with specific emphasis on water quality and water resources-related issues.  The committee serves as a source of information for government officials and other policy makers, and carries out programs to stimulate discussion and educate members about government affairs issues.
Tim Steinberger
Tim Steinberger, Government Affairs Chair 
HDR Engineering, Inc.
1132 Bishop Street, Suite 1003
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96813
Walter Billingsley
Walter Billingsley , Government Affairs Vice-Chair
City & County of Honolulu
Department of Design and Construction
Project Control and Contract Management
650 South King Street, 14th Floor
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96813
Phone: 1-808-768-8444


The Laboratory Committee was formed in the 1996-1997 fiscal year.  The primary focus of this committee is to initiate and promote the development of programs and services for environmental laboratory personnel.  The Laboratory Committee assists in the selection of a member for the annual Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award and helps with judging of the Operations Challenge at the annual HWEA conference.
Katie Nenninger, Laboratory Co-Chair
Project Coordinator
Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant
1350 Sand Island Parkway
Honolulu, HI 96819

Shantelle Clarke, Laboratory Co-Chair

Aqua Engineers
Treatment Plant Supervisor
Phone: 1-808-679-8189

E-mail: laboratory@hwea.org


The Membership Committee develops programs to promote membership in the association and develops programs to assist in providing services to its members.  The committee is also responsible for maintaining the current mailing list and database for all active members.   In addition, the Membership Committee Chair also serves on the Conference Committee to assist in verifying membership status of registrants.
Joni Tanimoto
Joni Tanimoto, Membership Chair
Akinaka & Associates, Ltd.
3375 Koapaka Street, Suite B-206
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96819
Phone: 1-808-836-1900, Fax: 1-808-836-8852
E-mail: membership@hwea.org


The Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Committee was established in 1999.  The purpose of the committee is provide technical information to assist in the understanding and operation of industrial pretreatment systems and provide the latest information on pretreatment program issues which would enhance the working relationship between private industry and the government’s ever-changing regulations.  The committee is also responsible for providing the community with technical and general support for pretreatment compliance.

Dorreann Kaehuaea, Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Co-Chair

E-mail: pretreatment@hwea.org

 Quintin Beltran
Quintin Beltran, Pretreatment/On-Site Treatment Co-Chair
City & County of Honolulu
Department of Environmental Services
Division of Environmental Quality
Regulatory Control Branch
1000 Uluohia Street, Suite 303
Kapolei, Hawai‘i 96707
Phone: 1-808-768-3271, Fax: 1-808-768-3289
E-mail: pretreatment@hwea.org


The Public Education Committee develops, recommends, and assists in implementing public education programs designed to improve the public’s understanding of the water environment field.  The committee was responsible for the production of an educational video which is presented to schools and other organizations who are interested in learning more about protecting the local water environment.  In 2002, the committee also spearheaded an effort to generate public service announcements (PSAs) to educate the public about sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs).  Click here to see the latest report from the Public Education Committee on “World Water Day”!
Lori Kaj Morikami
Lori “Kaj” Morikami, Public Education Co-Chair
State of Hawai‘i Department of Health
Wastewater Branch
919 Ala Moana Boulevard, Room 309
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96814
Phone: 1-808-586-4290, Fax: 1-808-586-4300
E-mail: public-education@hwea.org
Audrey Haerle
Audrey Haerle, Public Education Co-Chair
The Limtiaco Consulting Group
680 Iwilei Road, Suite 430
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96817
Phone: 1-808-596-7790, Fax: 1-808-596-7361
E-mail: public-education@hwea.org


The Research Committee coordinates dissemination of research information by encouraging members to attend workshops and seminars, sponsoring research presentations, and informing members of research programs, publications and events.  The committee promotes local involvement in research groups and encourages members to provide peer-review of research projects.  The committee also solicits and evaluates suggestions from regional water quality specialists, and is responsible for developing financial support for research by assisting prospective WERF Subscriber organizations and coordinating financial support for WERF.
Roger Babcock
Roger Babcock, Jr., Research Chair
University of Hawai‘i at Manoa
College of Engineering
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
2540 Dole Street, Holmes Hall 383
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96822
Phone: 1-808-956-7298, Fax: 1-808-956-5014
E-mail: research@hwea.org


The goal of the Safety Committee is to encourage safety awareness, promote safety training and investigate new safety equipment.  The committee encourages improvements in professional safety through interaction with HWEA members.
 Scott McAdam Scott McAdam, Safety Chair
City & County of Honolulu
Department of Environmental Services
Division of Collection System Maintenance
99-989 Iwaena Street
Aiea, Hawai‘i 96701
Phone: 1-808-768-7234
E-mail: safety@hwea.org
 Carly Kaneko  Carly Kaneko


The goal of the Student Affairs Committee is to encourage academic and social excellence, develop and manage a financial assistance program for HWEA members and their dependents in their quest for higher education and professional development.  The committee is responsible for soliciting, screening, and distributing scholarship applicants to the Board of Directors for ranking.  The committee also coordinates a poster session of graduate student projects at the annual HWEA conference.
  Jayson Tasaka, Student Affairs Co-Chair
R.M. Towill Corporation
2024 North King Street, Suite 200
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819-3494
Phone: 808-842-1133, Fax: 808-842-1937
Email: student-activities@hwea.org
 Keith Miyashiro  Keith Miyashiro, Student Affairs Co-Chair
City & County of Honolulu
Email: student-activities@hwea.org


Brad Takenaka
Brad Takenaka, Water Quality Co-Chair
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
3375 Koapaka Street, Suite F227
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96819
Phone:  808-488-0477, Fax: 808-488-3776
E-mail: water-quality@hwea.org
Jay Stone, Water Quality Co-Chair
Belt Collins Hawai‘i
2153 North King Street, Suite 200
Honolulu, Hawai‘i, 96819
Phone: 808-521-5361, Fax: 808-538-7819
E-mail: water-quality@hwea.org


The Water Reuse Committee develops, recommends, and conducts programs to promote a general understanding of water reuse for non-potable and potable uses.  The committee works with the Hawai‘i State Department of Health in developing its reuse guidelines.  The committee also helps to host a reuse conference every other year to provide an avenue for exchange of current information in the water reuse field.  Click here to see contact information on water reuse in other states.
Eassie Miller
Eassie Miller, Water Reuse Co-Chair
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
3375 Koapaka Street, Suite F227
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96819
Phone: 1-808-488-0477, Fax: 1-808-488-3776
E-mail: water-reuse@hwea.org
Elson Gushiken
Elson Gushiken, Water Reuse Co-Chair
ITC Water Management
P.O. Box 458
Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712
Phone: (808) 637-5078, Fax: (808) 637-4779
E-mail: water-reuse@hwea.org


The Web Page/Newsletter Committee is responsible for the maintenance of the organization’s website and for the development, production, and dissemination of the HWEA Newsletter called the Lua Line.  This newsletter is intended to inform members of the activities of HWEA both locally and nationally.  Three issues of the newsletter are normally published each year:  Spring, Summer, and Winter.  In addition, the committee is also responsible for the monthly distribution of HWEA News via e-mail.
Mark Goodrowe
Mark Goodrowe, Web Page/Newsletter Chair
Underground Services, Inc.
866 Iwilei Road, Unit 215
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96817
Phone: 1-808-545-4890, Fax: 1-808-545-4908
E-mail: newsletter@hwea.org
Leland Lee
Leland Lee, Web Page/Newsletter Vice-Chair
City & County of Honolulu
Department of Environmental Services
Sand Island WWTP
1350 Sand Island Parkway
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96819
Phone: 1-808-768-4481, Fax: 1-808-848-6532

E-mail: webmaster@hwea.org


The Young Professionals Committee was established in 2005.  The objective of the committee is to promote younger member participation and involvement in HWEA activities. The target age is 35 years and younger.  The committee is a joint committee with the American Water Works Association Hawai‘i Section Younger Professionals Committee.
Stacy Kunitake
Jessica Agsalda, Younger Member Co-Chair
Bowers + Kubota Consulting
501 Sumner Street, Suite 521
Honolulu, HI 96817
E-mail: young-professionals@hwea.org
Susan Mukai, Younger Member Co-Chair
Brown and Caldwell
1099 Alakea Street, Suite 2400
Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96813
Phone: 1-808-523-8499
E-mail: young-professionals@hwea.org