2017 WEFTEC Community Service

Volunteers installed two rain gardens at city hall to help treat over 2,000 cubic feet of storm water from the parking lot and address flooding issues. A perforated pipe connects to a FocalPoint high flow biofiltration system. An energy dissipating structure was also created from crab traps filled with rocks to help reduce scouring from the rooftop scupper. This project is located near the Superdome stadium so it will receive attention from many as they pass by for concerts, football games and other events. It was a great opportunity to help the City of New Orleans and network with fellow conference attendees.


Announcement from WEF
by Michael Quamme, EIT

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in the 9th Annual WEF Community Service Project at City Hall in New Orleans. We would not be able to accomplish such a large task without the hard work and dedication of everyone who participated!

See more photos on Twitter by searching #wefservice and feel free to add any pictures you took throughout the day! We will also be adding professional photos taken in the coming weeks to the WEFCOM SYPC library. If you are not yet registered on WEFCOM, just visit http://wefcom.wef.org/home to register. In addition to photos, check out the clip below WEF TV did on the WEF Community Service Project!


The WEF House of Delegates, which includes elected members from all of the member associations, as well as the WEF board of directors were onsite from 11:50 AM to 1:10 PM to take part in the project and network with all the volunteers. In order to accommodate the large influx of people, we split the volunteers into two groups. The first group ate lunch with HOD while the other continued to work while the other group continues working on the project and switched half way through. This was a great opportunity to network with many of the leaders within WEF and within the industry!