2011 YP FI

2011 Young Professional Events

HWEA/AWWA Young Professionals (YP) Sand Island Beach Clean Up

By Kawika Kaulukukui

On Saturday, March 12, 2011, the AWWA/HWEA Young Professionals Committee (YP) held a beach clean up at the Sand Island Beach Park. The Sand Island Beach Park is part of the Sand Island State Recreation Area and features picnic and camping grounds, a beach, and surfing spot.

YP members armed with gloves and trash bags picked up trash along the beach and park grounds. The goal of the beach clean up was to assist in the preservation of a local beach and provide YP members an opportunity to network and meet new people.

Overall, the beach clean up was a success. The beach clean up provided a great opportunity to give back to the community. Many bags were filled with trash and attendees were rewarded with a bento lunch. Members enjoyed the lunches and the fellowship.

Thank you to Troy Ching, Tammy Akiyama, Jason Soriano, Terry Chan, Sean Ogata, Megan Inouye, Kelu Zhang, Kawika Kaulukukui, and Staci Kunitake for all of their hard work in helping to preserve one of Oahu’s beaches.

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Attendees pick up trash along the beach and park grounds Megan Inouye, Sean Ogata, and Terry Chan


2nd Row (Left to Right): Kelu Zhang, Sean Ogata, Staci Kunitake,
Kawika Kaulukukui, Jason Soriano.
1st Row (Left to Right): Terry Chan, Megan Inouye, Troy Ching.

HWEA/AWWA Young Professionals (YP) Synagro and Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour

By Kawika Kaulukukui

The AWWA/HWEA Young Professionals (YP) hosted a tour of the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant on Friday, April 1, 2011. Both YP and members of AWWA and HWEA attended. The tour included the biosolids facilities operated by Synagro. The biosolids processing includes anaerobic digestion, heat drying, and pelletization technologies. Following the Synagro tour, Athan Adachi, City and County of Honolulu Chief of the Division of Wastewater Treatment and Disposal, led a tour of the remaining treatment processes at the plant. The Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant is a chemically-enhanced primary treatment facility. Attendees toured the headworks facility, primary clarifiers, sludge pumping facilities, UV disinfection, and effluent pumping facilities. A tour of the control center for various treatment plants and pump stations was also provided. The event had a great turnout with 16 attendees.
Special thanks to Kenny Huy of Synagro and Athan Adachi of the City and County of Honolulu for sharing their time and providing the attendees with a tour of the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant facilities.

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AWWA|HWEA Young Professionals (YP) Tsunami’s Pau Hana

May 26, 2011
By Lance Takehara, YP Secretary

On Thursday, May 26, 2011, the AWWA|HWEA Young Professionals Committee (YP) hosted a “pau hana” social event at Tsunami’s Bar and Grill. Lots of good food, drinks, and of course, good company made for a fun-filled evening for the YPs to kick back, network, and learn about YP. The event was officially listed to conclude at 6:30 pm, but many hung around to mingle late into the night.

With over 30 attendees from various private consulting firms and public entities, it was a great opportunity to network and make new friends in the industry. We appreciate all of the members who brought colleagues from their respective companies and encouraged participation in AWWA|HWEA. Those interested in becoming more involved should contact co-chairs Staci Kunitake and Kawika Kaulukukui.

Raise a glass to a successful event and we look forward to seeing you all at our next function!

AWWA|HWEA Young Professionals (YP) World Ocean’s Day Service Project

June 11, 2011
Mokauea Island, Oahu
By Alyssa “Sunshine” Smith, YP Community Service Chair

The AWWA|HWEA Young Professionals Committee (YPs) joined 300 other volunteers to participate in the 2011 World Ocean’s Day service project at Mokauea Island on Saturday, June 11. Mokauea Island is located a half-mile off Sand Island and is the last Hawaiian fishing village on Oahu. This project was coordinated by Kai Makana and the Mokauea Fisherman’s Association (MFA) in hopes to restore the island in both environmental and cultural aspects by clearing invasive species, planting native species, removing trash, and rebuilding the fishpond.

The YPs were given an outrigger paddling lesson, hopped in a canoe, and paddled their way over to the 10-acre island. Once they reached the shoreline, they were given the task of unloading a barge full of trash that had accumulated on the island over the past few months. Once the barge was cleared, they assisted one of the residents in cleaning up the area around the newly constructed compost toilet facility. The composting toilet facility was built specifically for future volunteers and visitors with the hope that they will have the opportunity to learn about the environment and Hawaiian culture during their stay.

Another resident, Joni Bagood, and the MFA historian, Kehau Souza, gave the YPs a history lesson about the island and its importance to Hawaii’s culture. They were then given a tour of the fishpond by Daniel Amato, a UH graduate student who has been removing invasive algae for the past 5 years.

This event allowed for everyone to learn about the environment and Hawaiian culture while making a positive difference for present and future generations.
A special thanks to Carrie Esaki, Dayna Fujimoto, Kawika Kaulukukui, Staci Kunitake, Tim Lum Yee, Jason Nakata, Wai Ng, Travis Nishino, Neil Nugent, Lauren Seu, Alyssa “Sunshine” Smith, and Winston Taniguchi for their support in helping revive Mokauea Island
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Cleaning up trash on Mokauea Island & helping to unload the barge of trash from Mokauea Island
YPs after completing the cleanup at Mokauea Island

AWWA|HWEA Young Professionals (YP) General Meeting

August 8, 2011
Kanpai Bar & Grill
By Lance Takehara, YP Secretary

The AWWA|HWEA Young Professionals Committee (YPs) held a general meeting on August 8, 2011 at Kanpai Bar and Grill. With over 18 people in attendance, there were many new faces that came to listen and learn what YP is about and how they could get involved. With upcoming social, community service, and educational events in the pipeline, there was a lot to be excited about. Many of the new members contributed ideas and helped to select upcoming community service events.

Current HWEA President, Kyle Yukumoto, was also in attendance to give a brief synopsis of HWEA and to commend the YPs on actively promoting both organizations and helping to make a difference. Once through the organized agenda, most of the YPs hung around to enjoy the awesome pupus, kick back, and socialize with other YPs.