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2006 Young Professionals Events

AWWA Hawaii Section|HWEA Young Professionals Committee Field Trip

Ameron Quarry, Kailua
November 13, 2006
Underground Solutions Fusible C-900 PVC Field Trip

On Monday, November 13th, the Young Professionals Committee (YP) visited the site of the Pump House Two Expansion project at the Ameron Quarry in Kailua.  The field trip was coordinated by Underground Solutions, a company which provides infrastructure technologies for water and wastewater applications, and conduits for applications ranging from electrical to fiber optics.  The project features the use of over 8,000 feet of fusible C-900 PVC pipe, which is being installed by open cut.  Three separate lines were being installed, including a 5,400 ft, 12-in DR18 reclaim line, a 1,300 ft, 6-in potable water line, and a 1,300 ft, 8-in electrical conduit.  The field trip included an overview of the fusion equipment, methods, and a demonstrations of the pipe fusing process.

AWWA Hawaii Section|HWEA Young Professionals Committee Site Visit

Honouliuli, Ewa
October 17, 2006
DYK Incorporated Water Tank Tour

On Tuesday, October 17th, the Young Professionals Committee (YP), along with personnel from the Honolulu Board of Water Supply visited the 6.0 million gallon Honouliuli 228′ Reservoir No. 3 in Ewa.  The reservoir, currently under construction, is owned by the Honolulu Board of Water Supply and will provide much needed storage capacity in the Ewa Plain.  The site visit was coordinated by tank contractor DYK Incorporated, a leader in the design and construction of prestressed concrete water storage tanks.  Before the site visit, DYK Incorporated provided attendees an overview of the project during a luncheon meeting before proceeding out to the site.

AWWA Hawaii Section|HWEA Young Professionals Committee Field Trip

Kapiolani Park, Waikiki
Lianna Chang
June 30, 2006

On Friday, June 30th, the Young Professionals Committee (YP) met in Kapiolani Park for a CCTV demonstration by Underground Services, Inc. (USi). USi employees Mark Goodrowe, Kim Fernandez-Lopez, and Don Mischka, showed off USi’s CCTV camera, brand-new lateral camera, associated toning devices, and newly refurbished equipment truck that house the robotic controls and recording devices (complete with air-conditioning!). After explaining the importance of pipeline inspection, USi gave tips on how to interpret CCTV footage (defects, broken pipe, etc.) and informed the YP’s about PACP certification, a new CCTV rating standardization that the City might adapt in the future. Since the YP’s were such great students, USi allowed them to drive the camera through a section of pipe from smh 471445 (SI40PA0013) to 471469 (SI40PA0012), a 286′ long, 15″ diameter RCP pipe located at the Diamond Head end of Kapiolani Park. After some practice, the YP’s were able to inspect the pipe, detect a few minor cracks, and even discover an incident of weeping infiltration.

After navigating the sewers, the YP’s enjoyed a relaxing picnic lunch with Mark, Kim, and Don. Handy-wipes were readily available so that everyone could clean their hands before digging in. During lunch, many of the summer interns were able to talk with USi and the YP’s about their work experience. Many thanks to the gang at USi for sharing their vast CCTV knowledge and to all the YP’s who made it out that day!

AWWA Hawaii Section|HWEA Young Professionals Committee Field Trip

Kalaheo Avenue, Kailua
April 28, 2006
Kalaheo Avenue Sewer Reconstruction and Water Main Installation

On April 28th, the AWWA Hawaii Section YP committee sponsored a tour of the City & County of Honolulu’s Kalaheo Avenue Reconstructed Sewer construction site in Kailua. Jeff Kalani of Yogi Kwong Engineers provided a tour of all the exciting happenings on the Kalaheo project, including the microtunneling of a new 48” sewer, mircrotunneling of a new water line, open-cut trench installation of a new parallel 8” sewer, and jet-grouting to help stabilize the soil in the area. For more information on this project you can visit http://www.kalaheosewer.com/.

A total of 7 young professionals attended. Since the site visit was during lunch, the YP committee hosted a sack lunch at Kailua Beach Park after the field trip. You can click on the thumbnails below to see a larger image. Be sure to be on the lookout for future YP committee-sponsored events!

AWWA Hawaii Section|HWEA Young Professionals Committee Technical Presentation

January 24, 2006
Green Building Alternatives

On Tuesday January 24th, the AWWA Hawaii Section Young Professionals (YPs) joined together for a “Green Building Alternatives” Presentation by Laurence Kometani of Exacta Sales. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Laurence is one of the leaders of the Makiki Stream Stewards, a community group dedicated to the care and preservation of Makiki Stream. He is also a member of Exacta Sales, a locally-owned company that provides “green” solutions and alternative environment-friendly building materials. Exacta Sales has also contributed to award-winning LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) structures including Punahou’s Case Middle School.

Laurence gave us a presentation about various environmentally-friendly alternatives and showed us examples of green structures constructed in Hawaii. He also explained that LEED Certification is a rating system which identifies how “green” a structure is. Thanks to Laurence, the YP’s have some new “green” building materials in their tool belts and new ideas for sustainable design. Thank you to all the YP’s who joined us for the presentation. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

(Highlights courtesy of Young Professional Co-Chair Lianna Chang).